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Ben Roethlisberger is not going to retire.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback announced on Twitter that he had informed the team that he was looking to play the 14th season. “Steelers will definitely get my best performance,”

After losing to the New England Patriots in the playoffs last season, Rosrisburg said he was considering retiring and saying he wanted to “evaluate” all the options.

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  • A 34-year-old player will consider the future and want to have more time to stay with his family, especially after losing the playoffs. But it seems to be able to play well in the Big Ben and the team has enough good players into the Super Bowl of the case that their retirement is difficult to convincing.

    Mike Tomlin, who had previously admitted that Steelers needed to prepare Big Ben for retirement, but the team’s president, Art Rooney II, quickly said he thought Big Ben returned in the new season.

    Although Big Ben is not surprising, Steelers still have to find his successor. Landry Jones is not the answer to this position. Steelers may be a few starting quarterback aging in order to need two days before the draft to find a new quarterback training team.

    Antonio Brown will play for the team for a long time in the future, Le’Veon Bell will receive a franchise contract and Matavis-Bryant (Martavis Bryant) may return to the case, the steel will be one of the few capital of the New England Patriots beat one of the American team.

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  • Dolphins recently added a quarterback to the 90-man squad.

    According to ESPN, the dolphin has signed free agent David Fales, who will join Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore and Brandon Dodi (Brandon Doughty) composed of the depth of the lineup.

    Fields is the Chicago Bears’ six-round show in 2014. He spent two years at the Bears, one of the offensive coordinators for the dolphin incumbent Adam Gase. Fields had been in the Baltimore Ravens training field for a while, last season’s final battle is his regular season show, 5 pass 2, made 22 yards.

    Although the dolphin said Tan Nei Hell after surgery, knee injury has been no problem, but well prepared is always good.

    This year the Tampa Bay pirate is one of the eight league teams that could be selected by HBO as the protagonist of the tough guy training camp. The team recently said the team would be the last choice for HBO.

    Pirates of the management team said the team has been and the league said that if the team will be selected with the very match, but now they are still waiting for the final reply.

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  • HBO latest selection of objects need to meet a lot of requirements, the first need for the last two seasons have not entered the playoffs, no new coach, in the past few years did not appear in the series, apparently pirate all meet.

    In addition to pirates, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Brown, Indianapolis Ponies, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Raven, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans are likely to be the final choice.